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For over 40 years, we have embraced innovation in science and engineering. Initially, we focused solely on R&D for the U.S. Government and Rockwell International Corporation. Today, we have established ourselves as a model for the transformation of a corporate R&D laboratory to a successful, for-profit enterprise by expanding our customer base, and offer cutting-edge R&D services, coupled with products, and licensing offerings to address your needs for high-value solutions.

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging specializes in research and development, specialty products, and licensing. R&D is the backbone of Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, fueling both the creation of intellectual property and product development. Our R&D is focused in the areas of electronics, imaging sensors, information sciences, materials sciences, and optics.

At Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, we believe the only way to truly develop innovative technologies is through persistent and deep research driven by our world-class scientists and engineers.


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