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Infrared & Visible FPAs  

Teledyne Imaging Sensors is a world leader in the design and production of large format IR sensors. We produce the largest IR detectors in the world: 2048x2048 format, 18µm pixel pitch arrays based on our proven HAWAII-2RG readout integrated circuit (ROIC). We are supplying NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) with 4096x4096 mosaic FPAs. JWST will replace NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in the year 2011.

Teledyne Imaging Sensors infrared and visible FPA imager products provide “machine vision,” serving the same function as the human retina of the eye – receiving optical images and converting them into electronic signals. Teledyne Imaging Sensors imaging sensor capability far exceeds that of the human eye; imagers are built to see in low light and infrared. Imagers can also be built to detect and determine an objects temperature and chemical composition.

  • Standard FPA products
  • Semi-custom products - mating standard readout integrated circuit (ROIC) electronics with custom detectors
  • Full custom services, optimized to customer requirements
  • FPAs for a wide range of requirements: large format, high-speed, very-low noise, high-dynamic range, background subtraction, special windowing, and on-FPA signal processing
  • Robust design for harsh environmental conditions including temperature extremes and radiation exposure
  • Published papers:
    • Infrared Imaging Technologies (SPIE 2008): pdf icon
    • Visible Imaging Technologies (SPIE 2008): pdf icon
    • HxRG Paper 2010: pdf icon

Infrared & Visible FPAs

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