Teledyne Scientific Company’s High-Speed Mixed Signal business is focused on standard and custom digital-to-analog & analog-to-digital converters, direct digital frequency synthesizers, track and hold, and logic devices.

For more than 10 years, we have been at the forefront of mixed-signal R&D. Our first standard products were a family of track and hold ICs, offering unsurpassed performance for automated testing equipment. We have followed with a family of digital-to-analog converters, and soon after we introduced analog-to-digital converters and direct digital synthesizers.

We work with our customers in military, aerospace, science, telecommunications, and automated testing equipment (ATE) to address their needs for high-end mixed signal products. To assure their needs are met, we offer complete design services for customized solutions.

RDA012M4MS Digital to Analog Converter. ( image right )

 Evaluations Boards

​Evaluations Boards

Digital Analog Converters (DAC)

Part Number (PDF) Description Compatibility
EVRDA012 Evaluation Board RDA012
EVRDA012LP Evaluation Board RDA012LP
EVRDA012M Evaluation Board RDA012M4
EVRDA012M4MS Evaluation Board EVRDA012M4MS
EVRDA012RZ Evaluation Board RDA012RZ
EVRDA112M4MSLPD Evaluation Board EVRDA112M4MSLPD

Track and Hold (T/H)

Part Number (PDF) Description Compatibility
EVRTH-HD Evaluation Board with TH in HD Packages RTH020, RTH050, RTH060
EVRTH-QP Evaluation Board with TH in QP Packages RTH010, RTH030, RTH040
EVRTH070 Evaluation Board RTH070
EVRTH090 Evaluation Board RTH090

 Track and Hold

​ Track and Hold (T/H)

Part Number (PDF) Fclk (GHz) Bandwidth (GHz) Hold Time (ns) Available Notes
RTH010 1 9 10 Now Dual Track and Hold
RTH020 1 12 10 Now Dual Track and Hold
RTH030 1 8 60 Now Low Noise
RTH040 1 11 50 Now Low Noise
RTH050 1 15 50 Now Dual Track and Hold
RTH060 4 16 10 Now Dual Track and Hold
RTH070 4 20 - Now High Linearity
RTH090 4 25 - Now High Linearity


​ Direct Digital Frequency Sythesizer (DDFS)

Part Number (PDF) Res (bit) Fclk (MHz) Tunning Word (Bits) I/O Interface Available
RDS010 12 900 32 Parallel Now


​ Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)

​Part Number (PDF)​Res (bit)​Fclk (GHz)​SFDR (dB)​Available​Notes
RDA012​12​1.1​65​Now​ECL Inputs
​RDA012LP​12​1.5​60​Now​Low Power
​RDA012M4​12​1.2​50​Now​4:1 MUXDAC
​RDA012M4MS​12​1.3​50​Now​4:1 Master Slave MUXDAC
​RDA112M4MSLPD​12​2​50​Now​​4:1 Master Slave MUXDAC
​RDA012RZ​12​1​55​Now​Return to Zero DAC
​RDA112RZ​12​1.5​50​Contact Us​​Return to Zero



​  Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)

​Part Number PDF ​Res (bit) ​Fclk (GHz) ​Bandwidth (GHz) ​SFDR (db) ​Available
​RAD004 ​6 ​4 ​6 ​30 ​Now