​Custom FPA Products

We have been a world leader in the development of advanced infrared focal plane array technology over the last 30 years. Research and development is one of our primary strengths. Our staff is available to work with you starting at the pre-proposal stage, with continuing involvement through program implementation and future phase development.

If the standard products don't meet your specific program or instrument needs, we also make FPAs designed to meet your specifications. We have a variety of ROICs (multiplexers) which can be hybridized to detector arrays with the cutoff wavelength of your choice. Our detector arrays are available for extended spectrum visible (0.35-1.05µ, Near IR (0.9-1.8µ, SWIR (0.9-2.5µ, MWIR (0.9-5.0µ and LWIR (0.9-beyond 16µ).

Please contact us for more information.