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What is an FPA?
An FPA or focal plane array is an optical sensor placed at the focal plane of an optical system such as a camera, spectrometer or telescope.

The focal plane array is composed of an optical detector, which can be designed and manufactured to be sensitive to ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), or infrared (IR). This detector is combined with a read out integrated circuit (ROIC) or multiplexer which allows the electronic access of every pixel in the array.

Various types of ROICs are currently available with up to 2048x2048 pixels (4,194,304 total). This particular device contains over 13 million transistors and is the largest IR FPA in production in the world today.

What is a hybrid?
A hybrid is composed of a detector and a multiplexer. These two components are manufactured separately and then mated using a proprietary process which allows the connection of each pixel of the detector to be electrically connected to its own read out circuit via Indium columns. The detector material can be Mercury Cadmium Telluride. A fill factor (fraction of area of the detector which is photo-electrically active) of nearly 100% is obtained. Also, both the detector and ROIC are optimized in their respective materials.

What is an ROIC or multiplexer?
A ROIC (read out integrated circuit) or multiplexer is an array of read out circuits which is built using state-of-the-art semiconductor lithography processes. These are available in array sizes from 64x64 pixels through 2048x2048 pixels as well as in standard SVGA format of 640x480. Various types of multiplexer unit cell designs are available including designs for low noise astronomy applications and for higher background flux applications where a larger storage well capacity is required.

How do we do business?

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