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Teledyne Imaging Sensors (TIS) produces the world’s highest performance infrared (IR) focal​ plane arrays (FPAs). Teledyne’s HgCdTe detector material achieves the highest q​​uantum efficiency and lowest dark current. TIS HgCdTe can be “substrate-removed” for simultaneous d​etection of visible and infrared light. The wavelength sensitivity and anti-reflection coating can be tuned for good response from 380 nm (in the ultraviolet) to 14.5 microns in the long wave infrared. Teledyne’s infrared detectors are the most radiation tolerant, an important feature for space missions.​
All of Teledyne’s IR FPAs are hybrid CMOS image sensors which are made by hybridizing a​ HgCdTe detector array to a readout integrated circuit (ROIC) that is optimized for the imaging application. Teledyne’s hybrid CMOS ROICs are optimized for two main applications:

  1. ​The low light level, long exposures of astronomy​​
    • ​​​​​​​​Ast​ronomy​ ​​FPAs are very low power. For example, the H2RGs operate on the James Webb Space Telescope with 0.5 mW of power (not a typo, only 1/2000th of a watt!). ​
  2. T​he higher light level, fast frame rates of Earth observation and defense applications
Teledyne also hybridizes silicon and InGaAs detectors to its ROICs.​

​​This web page provides just a few examples of the FPAs that Teledyne Imaging Sensors produces. Teledyne Imaging Sensors also designs customized ROICs and FPAs for specialized instrumentation. ​

Astronomy FPAs and electronics​

Earth Observation FPAs and electronics​​