Teledyne Scientific Company’s line of CMOS Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs) provide off-the-shelf and/or custom solutions for a variety of imaging applications.

Our ROICs uses standard CMOS technologies and can be hybridized with detector arrays with cutoff wavelengths of visible (0.35-1.05µ), Near IR (0.9-1.8µ), SWIR (0.9-2.5µ), MWIR (0.9-5.0µ) and LWIR (0.9-beyond 16µ).

Teledyne Scientific Company offers CMOS ICs for High-end Imaging and Data Acquisition Applications such as:
  • Hybrid visible and infrared ICs
  • Monolithic CMOS imagers
  • Space qualified radiation hardened ICs
  • ICs for cryogenic temperatures
  • Complete systems on a chip (SoC) solutions
  • Low power, low noise, high dynamic range amplifiers
  • Low power, high performance ASCs
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