IR and Visible FPAs

Motivated by the need to simplify focal plane array (FPA) system integration, Teledyne Imaging Sensors has developed the SIDECAR™ (system image, digitizing, enhancing, controlling, and retrieving) ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) to manage all aspects of FPA operation and output digitization. Its small size permits easy integration into warm or cold FPA subsystems, and direct mounting to FPA tape cables. SIDECAR™ keeps analog signal paths as short as possible to reduce noise and FPA output capacitance loading, resulting in improved power and speed.

The end result is a dramatic reduction in FPA subsystem space, weight, and power consumption. SIDECAR™ offers advantages for ground and space based telescopes, UAVs, robotics, and numerous other applications. 

Focal plane interface IC's simplify system integration by providing all FPA clocks and biases, and performing 12 bit or 16 bit A/D conversion.​