Teledyne Scientific Company​​ is pleased to offer the TCSAC: an ultra-high accuracy, high stability, miniature timing solution. TCSAC is ideal for SWaPChip Image (Size, Weight, and Power consumption)-constrained applications needing an assured timing solution, where access to the normal time synchronization methods (such as GPS) are disrupted or denied. Examples include: Manned and unmanned military vehicles, missiles, and dismounted warfighters; Seismic nodal arrays and ROVs (Oil & Gas exploration); Ocean bottom probes (Long term ocean monitoring). The TCSAC provides low drift < 1E-11/day, at low operational power of 180 mW. ​
Teledyne is currently shipping TCSAC at 16.384MHz (TS5-16) and 10MHz (TS5-10). An easy to use developer’s kit, including evaluation board, user Manual, programming guide, and GUI, is available. TCSAC has been extensively tested for MIL-STD high-g shock and vibration, humidity exposure, magnetic field and voltage sensitivity, EMI, and highly accelerated lifetime testing.

​TCSAC Key Features Include:​
  • < 3E-10 /mo Aging Rate
  • ± 5.0E-11 accuracy at shipment
  • ​< -56 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz
  • < 5E-10 ​D​f/f over the full operating temperature range
  • < 1E-11 @1000s Short Term Stability (typical ADEV)
  • -10oC to +70oC Operating Temperature
  • 1PPS input for synchronization
  • ​RS-232 interface for monitoring and control
​The TCSAC connectors, communication protocols, and operational modes are industry standard and compatible with integration platforms. ​

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