Teledyne Scientific Company’s High-Speed Mixed Signal business is focused on standard and custom digital-to-analog & analog-to-digital converters, direct digital frequency synthesizers, track and hold, and logic devices.

For more than 10 years, we have been at the forefront of mixed-signal R&D. Our first standard products were a family of track and hold ICs, offering unsurpassed performance for automated testing equipment. We have followed with a family of digital-to-analog converters, and soon after we introduced analog-to-digital converters and direct digital synthesizers.

We work with our customers in military, aerospace, science, telecommunications, and automated testing equipment (ATE) to address their needs for high-end mixed signal products. To assure their needs are met, we offer complete design services for customized solutions.​

RTH110-QN Track and Hold Amplifier ( image right )​​

​50GHz Bandwidth
Track and Hold

New 50GHz Family o​f Devicespdf File




​Part Number PDF ​Frequency​ (GHz)​ ​Available
pdf File ​TFF001
​Contact Us ​D Flip-Flop​​​​​



​Part Number PDF ​Frequency (GHz)​ ​Available
pdf File ​TCB001
​Now ​1:1 Buffer with Output Enable​​
pdf File ​TCB004
​Contact Us 1:4 Buffer with Output Enable​​
pdf File ​TPS002-2
​Now ​Divider by 2 with Output Control​​
pdf File ​TPS002-4
​Divider by 4 with Output Control


​  Amplifier/Balun

​Part Number PDF ​Frequency (GHz)​ ​Amplification
pdf File ​TAB001​​​
​50 0/6/14/20dB ​Contact Us ​Differential Amplifier / SE to Diff Balun​

 Evaluations Boards

​Evaluations Boards

Digital Analog Converters (DAC)

Part Number (PDF)​
Description Compatibility
Evaluation Board RDA012
pdf FileEVRDA012M Evaluation Board RDA012M4
pdf FileEVRDA012M4MS Evaluation Board EVRDA012M4MS
pdf FileEVRDA012RZ Evaluation Board RDA012RZ
pdf FileEVRDA112M4MSLPD Evaluation Board EVRDA112M4MSLPD

Track and Hold (T/H)

Part Number (PDF) Description Compatibility
pdf FileEVRTH-HD Evaluation Board with TH in HD Packages RTH020, RTH050, RTH060
pdf FileEVRTH-QP Evaluation Board with TH in QP Packages RTH010, RTH030, RTH040
pdf FileEVRTH070 Evaluation Board RTH070
pdf FileEVRTH090 Evaluation Board

 Track and Hold

​ Track and Hold (T/H)

Part Number (PDF)
Fclk (GHz) Bandwidth (GHz) Hold Time (ns) Available Notes
pdf FileRTH010 1 9 10 Now Dual Track and Hold
pdf FileRTH020 1 12 10 Now Dual Track and Hold
pdf FileRTH040 1 11 50 Now Low Noise
pdf FileRTH050 1 15 50 Now Dual Track and Hold
pdf FileRTH070 4 20 - Now High Linearity
pdf FileRTH090
4 25 - Now High Linearity
pdf FileRTH110
50 - Now Wide Bandwidth
pdf FileRTH120
4 24 - Now Low Power​​​​
pdf FileRTH130
14 50 - Now Fast Clocking​​​
pdf FileTPG002
0.3 43 - Now Integrated 9ps CML driver​​​​​​


​ Direct Digital Frequency Sythesizer (DDFS)

Part Number (PDF)
Res (bit) Fclk (MHz) Tunning Word (Bits) I/O Interface Available
pdf FileRDS010
12 900 32 Parallel Now


​ Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)

​Part Number (PDF)
​Res (bit) ​Fclk (GHz) ​SFDR (dB) ​Available ​Notes
pdf File​RDA012
​12 ​1.1 ​65 ​Now ​ECL Inputs
pdf File​RDA012M4 ​12
​1.2 ​50 ​Now ​4:1 MUXDAC
pdf FileRDA012M4MS ​12 ​1.3 ​50 ​Now ​4:1 Master Slave MUXDAC
pdf File​​​RDA112M4MSLPD ​12 ​2 ​50 ​Now ​​4:1 Master Slave MUXDAC
pdf File​​RDA012RZ ​12 ​1 ​55 ​Now ​Return to Zero DAC
pdf File​RDA112RZ
​12 ​1.5 ​50 ​Contact Us ​​Return to Zero


​  Analog to ​Digital Converters (ADC)

​Part Number PDF ​Res (bit) ​Fclk (GHz) ​Bandwidth (GHz) ​SFDR (db) ​Available
pdf File ​RAD004
​6 ​4 ​6 ​30 ​Now​