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Teledyne Scientific & Imaging brings decades of extensive expertise in the manufacturing of microlens arrays using advanced microelectronics processing techniques.

We use Reflow and Grayscale fabrication methods to achieve tailor-made, high-quality, cost-efficient microlens arrays. Reflow involves patterning polymeric materials on substrates, melting the polymer to form lens surfaces, and pattern transferring into the substrate. Lenses produced by this method have a wide range of design parameters, numerical apertures, and spherical/aspherical designs. Grayscale photolithography is used in fabricating asymmetric micro-optic structures. This technique enables complex optical structures to be fabricated including full fill-factor lens arrays of any geometry, kinoforms, Fresnel lenses, concave and off-axis lenses, diffraction gratings, prisms, and corner cubes.

  • A wide variety of refractive and diffractive microlens arrays and optical components
  • Several materials including silicon, fused silica, and others (e.g. III-V and II-VI semiconductors)
  • Cleanroom facilities equipped with a full suite of MEMS and IC tools and processes for 4 and 6" wafers supporting fabrication from prototype demonstration through production
  • Expertise in materials, prototype and production engineering, characterization, and analyses
  • Extensive metrology / diagnostic instruments, including high-performance, interferometric surface profilers with optical analyses capabilities, AFM, SEM/EDS, and stylus profilers
  • Backend process capabilities including AR-coating, dicing, die pick-and-place, and inspections