Teledyne Scientific & Imaging Semiconductor Fabrication Services combines uniquely multidisciplinary and flexible processing capabilities with process control discipline to enable a path from development to production in a wide range of technologies. Our Fabrication Services has a proven track record of delivering record device performances and working with customers in successfully taking their technologies from R&D to production.       

Our comprehensive fabrication service capabilities include:

  • CAD layout, layout verification, data conversion
  • High resolution E-beam lithography, typical resolution 20 nm - for applications such as T-gates, gratings, lenses
  • Photolithography
    • One GCA and two ASML 5X steppers, with standard resolutions ranging from 0.65 um to 0.15 um, suitable for a variety of lithography requirements
    • Contact aligner, with standard resolution of 1um
  • Dielectric deposition
    • PECVD nitride, oxide
    • Sputtered nitride
    • LPCVD nitride, wet/dry oxide
    • ALD – variety of metal oxides
    • Spun-on BCB
  • Metal deposition
    • Evaporated metals typical in semiconductor wafer processing: Ag, Al, Au, Cr, In, Mo, Ni, NiCr, Pd, Pt, Si, Ti
    • Sputtered metals: Al, Au, Cr, Mo, Ni, Pt, Si, TaN, Ti, W
    • Ability to evaporate or sputter deposit custom metals and alloys
    • Plated thick Au
  • Dry Etch
    • A wide array of RIE, ICP, and resist asher tools with established processes for etching dielectrics, semiconductors, deep Si, some metals, and resists
  • Wet etch processes for metal liftoff, and etching dielectrics, metals, and semiconductors
  • Thermal Anneal
    • Maximum temperature 1200°C
    • Process gases – N2, Ar, O2
  • Ion implant
    • Energy – up to 400 KeV
    • Species – O2, As, He
  • Backside processing
    • Wafer lapping, polishing
    • Wafer bonding
  • Metrology/testing
    • SEM (3) with EDX, AFM, ellipsometry, profilometry, wafer stress measurement, electrical characterization with manual probe stations, Electroglas autoprobers, HP4145 parameter analyzers, and HP8510 network analyzers

We customize our fabrication services to fit the individual needs of our customers. Please contact us for further information about the services we can provide to meet your processing requirements.

This image below is an example of High aspect ratio deep-Si etching

High aspect ratio deep-SI etching 

This image below is  the Airbridged T-gates in a circuit 


This last image below is Evaporated T-gate patterned with E-beam