Bi-porous wick structures for heat pipe and vapor chamber. (image below)

Teledyne Scientific Company carries out R&D in thermal management for power technology. The goal is to provide effective thermal management solutions for electronic packaging by exploiting advanced cooling technology, effective thermal analysis, experimental validation and prototype demonstration.

We use active and passive approaches to achieve high power density electronics packaging. This includes closed loop spray/microjet array cooling and high-heat flux pipes. In addition, a miniature refrigeration system for chip level cooling has been developed based on thermoacoustics principles.

 Controlling acoustics and vibrations is critical to sensitive electronic and optical assembly. We develop sonic crystals for vibration and sound isolation at specified frequency bands. The engineered crystal is continuum-based or truss-like in structure. The sonic crystal lattice can be one to two orders smaller than the corresponding wavelengths it controls. This allows for significant acoustic wave control at low frequencies.