Advanced image processing and video analytics (multi-modal, real-time and end-to-end processing).

Teledyne Scientific Company investigates several critical areas of information sciences, leading to advances in decision sciences, power and control systems, human computer interaction, autonomous & intelligent systems, and wireless systems. We apply our knowledge in these fields to create system-enabling technologies. Examples include custom information visualization approaches for data intensive needs in call centers, system health monitoring for factory automated equipment, and software design for modeling complex systems.

  • Neurotechnology for sleep enhancement
  • Causal network model based technology for integrated modeling, diagnostics (system health monitoring), and control/reconfiguration of systems
  • Advanced wireless systems for a multitude of uses: battlefield surveillance and factory monitoring
  • 3D video and audio environments for applications in augmented and virtual reality
  • Lip reading, eye tracking, and speech recognition to facilitate hands free control of computer functions in battlefields and call centers
  • Special algorithms for applications in advanced resource allocation and situation awareness
  • Multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach to R&D and technology development