Biomaterials and bioengineering represent a new technology thrust area for Teledyne Scientific Company. From its heritage in developing advanced structures and materials for aerospace and electronics, Teledyne Scientific Company has grown several unique skill sets relevant to problems in biomaterials and bioengineering. Significant progress has been made in developing high fidelity fracture models of bone and dentin, which point to rational methods of testing bone quality during clinical trials for osteoporosis and other diseases. We are also developing an exciting new class of scaffold materials for tissue engineering and cell growth, and novel systems for the attachment and control of prosthetic limbs.

These efforts are undertaken in close collaboration with researchers at universities and other laboratories, who bring expertise in cell biology, tissue engineering, prosthetics, dentistry, drug development, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, animal modeling, and general clinical practice. Our colleagues include researchers and practitioners at UCLA, UC Irvine, USC, University of Washington, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and other institutions. Following a pattern established in other research areas at Teledyne Scientific Company, we use such collaborations to identify important needs, and then seek the fastest route to clinical trials for invented devices and materials.